FAQ, and What to expect



Q: How does Laser Removal work?  
A: The Laser uses quick, short bursts of laser light at specific wavelengths, and when applied to the tattoo (in the dermal layer) the energy from the laser is absorbed by the ink particles, heat up and shatter the ink into smaller particles. Your bodies immune system flushes away the ink particles over the following weeks and months after treatment, causing the tattoo to fade. This is also why you will need repeat treatments on your tattoo, to successfully fade it.

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: Each tattoo varies so greatly. How your tattoo will fade, and the amount, depends on a few major factors determined before you begin: 
1) How old is the tattoo?
2) Is the tattoo a cover up or has it been touched up?
3)How dark is it/are there any colours?
4) Is there heavy scarring present?
5) The overall health of the candidate
Tattoos can take between 5-12 treatments. So it is important to take these factors into account when going through laser treatments, and also be realistic about your results. Not all tattoos remove 100%

Q: Will it remove my tattoo completely?
A:  Believe it or not, there are "good candidates" for removal. I look at the above factors and can give a realistic opinion about how faded we can get the tattoo. As stated above, not all tattoos remove 100%, and it depends on your immune system, how old it is, scarring, etc.

Q: Isn't it expensive?
A: I've always tried to keep prices extremely fair. Prices I offer are adjustable the less ink there is to Laser near the end of the treatments, and also buying packages of treatments can save you money.  So it doesn't have to be expensive and there are ways to save! Just ask!

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Laser Tattoo Removal is often described as the sensation of an elastic band being snapped against the skin, or a sun burn. I use a cryogenic skin cooling system that uses freezing cold air to aide during treatment and ease the discomfort. You are also welcome to purchase numbing creams before you appointments. The treatments are usually also very quick, averaging 2-8 min.

Q:What should I expect during my visit?
A: Discomfort can be expected during the treatment, though it can be manageable & there are a few things we suggest  before your Laser treatment to ease it. Such as: Make sure you have had a large meal, drink lots of water. Take an Ibuprofin (this can be done after also, to reduce swelling.) Wear comfortable clothing that won't rub the area as it will be tender after. Do not drink alcohol the night before. Coming rushed & with other anxieties can add to your stress during your treatment, so relax and let us help you during the treatment! Numbing creams may be purchased prior to appointments over the counter at a Pharmacy. 

Q:What should I expect during healing?
A: Expect some swelling, redness, and tenderness. The Tattoo itself may have one large blister or small pinpoint blisters all throughout the piece. Be sure to put Polysporin on the area as soon as possible, Be sure to change the bandage daily, cleaning the area gently with Spectro-Gel or a fragrance free soap in the shower. This greatly reduces the risk of blisters. After 1-2 weeks with the Polysporin, you will most likely be ready to switch to an unscented lotion. We recommend Aveeno (the green top) for the next few weeks. 

Q: Is there anything I should avoid during healing?
A: Please avoid heavy exposure to the sun, & tanning beds. It has been documented that sun exposure can saturate the pigment even after a tattoo is removed, which darkens it- the opposite of what we are trying to do!  Avoid using harsh chemicals or fragrant soaps and creams while healing. Stick to only the aftercare information provided by the Specialist. Avoid pet saliva, & swimming in lakes. Do not pick or scratch at your blisters/healing tattoo. If your tattoos are on the hands or wrists and you work with them often, it is very important to wear gloves or bandages and clean them often. You are more prone to scarring and poor results in these areas if not properly taken care of.